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Főoldal/Balassa Lilla

About Balassa Lilla

A szerző nem adott nem adott meg minden adatot.
So far Balassa Lilla has created 47 blog entries.

Easter Monday Activities

Mini challenge #4 Easter Monday Activities Oh, Easter Mondays and those typically Hungarian traditions... A lot of guests, huge amount of stuffed cabbage... Sprinkling and [...]

Have a glamorous Christmas, Mummy

Day #23 Have a glamorous Christmas, Mummy No more “Oh, you look tired, are you still breastfeeding?!” type of questions, only “Wow. Motherhood has made you [...]

DIY Sensory Christmas Tree

Day #20 DIY Sensory Christmas Tree Ready for the most christmassy toddler playdough ever? Here is an easy way to make playdough from scratch. You [...]

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