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A szerző nem adott nem adott meg minden adatot.
So far Balassa Lilla has created 73 blog entries.

Post Easter Egg-tivities

Mini challenge #6 Post Easter Egg-tivities Easter eggs, Easter eggs, Easter eggs everywhere... Let us give you some post Easter egg-tivity ideas! We picked three [...]

Easter Monday Activities

Mini challenge #5 Easter Monday Activities + Sprinkling Rhymes Oh, Easter Mondays and those typically Hungarian traditions... A lot of guests, huge amount of stuffed cabbage... [...]

DIY Nativity Puppet Show

Day #23 Play the Nativity story! Today you will find a great printable in your advent window, thanks to Nagy Anikó Szilvia, our lovely Jump&Fun [...]

DIY giant snowflake decoration

Day #22 DIY snowflake decorations If you want some really pretty snowflake decoration you might want to check out these ideas. Giant snowflake [...]

Christmas walk

Day #21 Christmas walk Sing this song when dressing up! We hope you are enjoying this winter weather and beside the indoor activities [...]

Christmas around the world

Day #19 How do they celebrate Christmas around the world? All across the world, we celebrate the holidays in different ways. Some of us put [...]

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