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About Balassa Lilla

A szerző nem adott nem adott meg minden adatot.
So far Balassa Lilla has created 74 blog entries.

Christmas around the world

Day #19 How do they celebrate Christmas around the world? All across the world, we celebrate the holidays in different ways. Some of us put [...]

I’ve got the Joy

Day #18 A really joyful and happy song about Jesus with actions At Christmas, we get together, and many of us remember the Birth of Jesus Christ. [...]

How to Make a Snow Globe?

Day #17 How to Make a Snow Globe? Attention busy moms! I have a craft for you that you can do from [...]

Easy Xmas Postcards

Day #16 Easy Xmas Postcards It's time to make some magical postcards for your beloved ones. Enjoy this throwback video of Lulu, Livi and [...]

Christmas Activity Pack

Day #15 Usborne's Christmas Activity Packs Get ready for the festive season with some activities! Keep your little ones entertained with Usborne's Christmas Activity Packs. [...]

Snow Play-dough

Day #10 Glittery and as white as snow Tik-tok, tik-tok, time is ticking. Only 13 days until Christmas! Are you ready to make Christmas presents [...]

Roll a Christmas Tree

Day #9 Roll a Christmas Tree Let’s learn and draw shapes and roll a beautiful Christmas tree. The quickest player wins... Who’s going to be [...]

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