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A szerző nem adott nem adott meg minden adatot.
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Easter Monday Activities

Mini challenge #5 Easter Monday Activities Oh, Easter Mondays and those typically Hungarian traditions... A lot of guests, huge amount of stuffed cabbage... Sprinkling and [...]

Easter Egg-tivities

Mini challenge #4 Easter Egg-tivities Easter eggs, Easter eggs, Easter eggs on the way... Let us give you some Easter egg-tivity ideas! Are you planning a [...]

Easter Bunny Ideas

Mini challenge #3 Easter Bunny Ideas Can't wait for the Easter bunny? Let's spend a little time with drawing, crafting and singing about him! Come [...]

Easter Story and Songs – Storytime

Mini challenge #2 Easter Storytime Today, Petri Barbi is holding an Easter storytime for you. Listen to "The Easter story" charmingly retold in very [...]

Christmas Activity Game

Day #21 Play the Family Activity Christmas Edition I know, I know, you've got a lot to do. Please, remember that the most important for [...]

Have a glamorous Christmas, Mummy

Day #14 Have a glamorous Christmas, Mummy No more “Oh, you look tired, are you still breastfeeding?!” type of questions, only “Wow. Motherhood has made you [...]

Peppa – Winter day

Day #5 Let's Read and Sing About a Cold Winter Day Do you like Peppa, too? How about Daddy Pig? They are cheeky, cheerful, [...]

Elf song and game ideas

Day #3 Let's Sing and Play with Santa's Elves Do you know Santa's little elves? They are cheeky, cheerful and into singing! Look at Lulu [...]

DIY Xmas tree

Day #2 Recycle and Make a Beautiful Xmas tree! Imre Viki, our lovely Rhyme Time Mum, an old university classmate of mine, is [...]

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