Let me  share an amazing bilingual adventure with you

We were in Tarzan park with Lulu and my 3 yo saw/heard some American kids playing. “Can I play with you and hold the water canon, please?” she asked the foreign girl. The girl was a bit surprised and happy at the same time. She said “Sure” and they were playing together for 30 minutes. Wow. 🙂

My baby didn’t care about her accent, didn’t care about her grammar mistakes (she didn’t have any by the way) for…

English is not a task in her head, it’s her superpower.

The beginnings


From the very first moment Lulu was so open to the Rhyme Time bilingual method because she loves playing, singing and listening to stories, so do all the kids I know.

Our method is really easy to follow, because it’s deliberate, well-built, versatile and flexible enough to suit different needs.


Why is bilingualism awesome?

I do believe that

  • bilingual kids are UNDERSTANDING, because they UNDERSTAND more people,
  • they are CREATIVE, because they can CREATE at least two names for one thing,
  • they are MULTI TALENTED AND able to do MULTI TASKING, because they speak MULTI languages.
  • They can also be very ADAPTIVE, because day by day they ADAPT to communication situations with different people in different languages.

Yes, I raise my kids bilingual and yes, they CAN BE BILINGUAL even if their parents are not. Isn’t this awesome?!


Do I teach my girl English?

Yes and no. I teach her in a way I teach her how to cut with scissors, sing a song or wash her hands. I show her how to do things and she ACQUIRES SKILLS. English is one of them.

Do I teach her as a “real teacher” would do (I am a real teacher by the way, hehe) with course books and tests and grades? NOT AT ALL. I talk to her, she talks back (cheeky she is…) we read, play, sing, go to the playground, LIVE IN ENGLISH.

So, parents out there who do the same, hands up and be happy for your families and be P R O U D.

Parents who are planning to start, STOP THINKING AND START DOING! No kid is young enough for this! Join our wonderfully supportive community and SHARE YOUR QUESTIONS WITH US, so did a lot of us before you.

What do I recommend you if you want to jump into bilingual education?

Join our complex online courses, so called Great Challenges that mix rhythm, fun and language development for both you and your kid. Slowly but surely you are introduced the theoretical and the practical sides of raising your kid bilingual. Watch these videos that we recorded in 2016 enjoying 2 of the 6 tales used in the Great English Story Telling Challenge.