Jump and Fun camp:

„Last year, my daughter, Emma (9), took part in a number of different camps and said that the J&F camp was the best, she would like to participate again this year! She really enjoyed the camp, every day there was something new. Her vocabulary improved significantly. The workbook she received was something that she came back to look at again and again all summer. At the end of the week, the children prepared a small performance for the parents. I was amazed that in such a short period of time, how much they could learn in English. From the bottom of my heart, I recommend Ancsa and this camp for everyone.

Belany Adrienn

Who is it recommended for?

The Jump&Fun camp is recommended for those Hungarian and expat families who have children between the ages of 3 and 14, and who are looking for a day camp which not only has high standards, but supplies a playful and affectionate environment in which communication happens IN ENGLISH ONLY. Hungarian is only used for emergencies! Siblings are welcome as well! It’s common for children to stay an additional week, and by the second week they can be seen not only self-confidently engaging in our activities but also speaking English with much improvement.

Where and when are our Jump&Fun camps?

Our 2023 Jump&Fun day camps will be between July 17-21, July 24-28, July 31-August 4, August 7-11.

This year, the camp will be at Ancsa’s (1151 Bp., Bem utca 4/C). We’ve been able to fulfill this request and organize the camp to maximize children’s safety!

At Ancsa’s

1151 Bp., Bem utca 4/C)

How many participants in each of our camps?

Each week, 20 children are welcome to join our camp. There are 4 teachers working with the children at one time. For most of the day, the campers are divided into smaller groups according to age and knowledge, and the teachers take turns working with each group individually. During mealtimes, the groups are brought together to engage with each other. The older children enjoy playing with and caring for the younger ones, however, we also have a nursery teacher especially for the smaller children. Outside in the yard, we will have a mix of games altogether and also divided into smaller groups. At the end of our week, we will have a performance for parents, which we will prepare for altogether and in our smaller groups. It’s of utmost importance to us that children can experience what it is like to be an older or younger sibling within our camp, so they can see and feel for themselves the power within a cohesive community.

Syllabus and Activities

Our Jump&Fun classes are built on 5 pillars. The camp’s official language is English. Communicating with the children in solely English of course means throwing them in the deep end BUT we provide all the help they need to become “good swimmers” and quickly pick up the foreign language. Therefore, we don’t just have 2 Jump&Fun classes each day in English, and work as a “childcare centre” during the rest of the day; we actually spend the entire day in English, working through the normal daily routines with the campers IN ENGLISH. Mealtimes, clean-up, free play, ball games, board games, arts and crafts, naptime, story time, singing, being active, and of course welcoming and saying goodbye, all of these activities throughout the day happen in English, and the children not only adapt but they become used to these habits very quickly.

Depending on their previous knowledge, we will make the exception to understand some children in Hungarian as well, while helping them in English and reinforcing the foreign language. However, we do expect those campers with more English knowledge to speak to us primarily in English. The younger ones adapt quickly and completely naturally, while we help the older ones overcome their fears and step out of their comfort zones in a most affectionate and playful environment. Typically, parents are both delighted and surprised when they see the performance at the end of the week! There are children who prefer not to be in the spotlight directly but rather work in the background (for example on decorations, costumes, etc.) which they gladly take part in all week long, while also learning by heart the stories and songs in the performance.

The 5 pillars of Jump&Fun:

  1. Coordination and movement – choreographed, active English lessons
  2. Music and rhythm – catchy songs make English learning effortless
  3. Continuous, diverse review – consistently, playfully deepening their knowledge of English
  4. Storytime and enactment – developing their listening and drama skills
  5. Bonding with the language and community – receiving lots of attention and praise make children English-enthusiasts


4 meals – breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack – are provided as our experience has shown that the campers are very hungry from the physical and mental stimulation daily. We gladly accept fruit and healthy finger foods from reliable sources. Food delivery occurs 3 times each day. We also believe it’s important for us to mention that due to the current pandemic, disposable utensils, plates and cups will be provided with meals for the children. Please bring refillable water bottles and lunchboxes.

Afternoon Nap

Varies depending on age of the child.

What You Need to Bring

The list of items needed will be sent by e-mail to each registered participant.

Payment and Cancellation

We ask that you pay the fee for our camp by bank transfer within 8 days after registration. Payment in installments is possible as agreed upon beforehand! You can cancel your registration due to health reasons. In the case that a lockdown should occur, the camp will not be held and your payment will be refunded. Due to the fact that our camp uses props which need to be ordered well in advance, in the case that you do cancel your registration, I ask that you buy these items from me separately and take them home with you.

Keeping in Touch with Parents

As having a good relationship with parents is a big part of our teaching method, so is keeping in touch with our campers’ parents. We use a private Facebook group to provide information on day-today happenings in our camp. We post photos and videos as much as we are able to. If someone has an accident, we inform the parents right away.

Introduction of our Camp’s Leader

I’m Gulacsi Annamaria, an English and Dutch teacher. Amongst other things, I have a bachelor of Arts in English and Dutch language studies, and thanks to scholarships and delegations, have had the opportunity to practise my language knowledge in native-speaking environments (French as well, in addition to the two listed above). Most of the children that I teach only learn years later that I understand and speak Hungarian. This is something I am very proud of.

Teaching young children a new language is, for me, the best job in the world and something I have been doing since I was a child myself. I’ve been raising my own children bilingual for the past 7-8 years. Since 2016, I am a leading part of the Rhyme Time team, a mentor and instructor in the training of new Rhyme Time teachers, and in 2020 became the sole owner and leader of the Rhyme Time brand.

The development and expansion of our method has been the biggest accomplishment of my career. The only thing I am even more proud of is that besides my own children, I have taught hundreds of kids not only to speak another language but to love it. At the moment, I have 13 groups that I teach and this number has risen from year-to-year. My groups are varied, both online and in person.

In addition to children’s classes, I have developed 7 online courses for parents to provide support for their children’s English learning, because I believe that we can reach the greatest success with children by WORKING TOGETHER with the parents. And our Rhyme Time method is based precisely on this.

The very first Jump&Fun camp held in summer 2019 was so completely enchanting for myself and my children that my daughter, Lulu, counts down the months in the year until it’s time for camp again! The campers developed well beyond our expectations, not only in English but in other skills as well, and this makes me so very proud! We love every minute of it! Thankfully, we will be able to have camp again this year while adhering to the health guidelines. Myself and my team of Jump&Fun teachers can’t wait to see everyone again at camp!

Congrats on your Best Teacher Award! I am not surprised at all!! Was impressed and moved by your big heart and great educational approach last year when Adam attended your summer camp. Very fresh and unusual sight here


What’s the secret?!

The Rhyme Time and Jump&Fun English method is not only about learning another language. It gives so much more to its participants. It makes it possible for children on the autism spectrum as well as those with special educational needs to develop in a playful and multidimensional way.

With our method, there is a continuous development in rhythm, coordination, endurance, and body language! Not only does the child’s body get active during our classes but their overall state improves as well. Meanwhile, we practise the body movements and gestures that go with each carefully and professionally-chosen song as we are singing and clapping the rhythm in varying levels of intensity to get that heart rate going. The consistent use of body language and connecting it with the English language is the key for children being able to confidently express themselves in an English environment, even if their knowledge of the language is minimal.

Throughout our classes, children and their entire family will learn to express more than 50 feelings and states, which, when also practised daily at home, can be useful later if they are ever in a new environment and need to communicate!

Our camp’s program is built on rhyming animal stories. The main characters in these stories aren’t perfect, and so, children find it easy to imagine themselves in the characters’ positions. For example, the snail is too slow, the bee is clumsy, the ant is hyperactive. Still, in a caring environment and with some help, they become successful and happy by the end of each of their stories. These stories convey positive messages that children need to hear.

Our camp is based on the 10-week-long intensive, English Jump&Fun courses. Each class is built on the previous week, and built around one of the animal stories, each time from a new perspective. The musical and movement-filled classes are the foundation around which we form the rest of our day, which also includes both teacher-lead and independent playtime, arts and crafts, and skill-development. The growth children can experience is unbelievable when we know each child’s strengths and weaknesses, and knowing these, give praise and encouragement.

Each of our camps will have a celebratory closing, where favourite songs and characters will come to life.

Why does Panka love Jump&Fun?

My daughters really enjoyed themselves in the Jump and Fun camp, and at the same time, they learned the language in an English environment. Ancsa paid special attention to them, like she was their mother, just like with all the other children in the camp. Everyone received that extra care from Ancsa to make them feel welcome and safe with her. (Linda with her dotted blanket in the afternoon, while Lena could do arts and crafts and was always praised.) The girls blossomed in the one week, and this gave us the encouragement to take them with us to Kuala Lumpur.”

Michelisz Veronika