What’s Jump&Fun?

Jump&Fun is an English class tailor-made for preschoolers with lots of music and physical activites.

During a 30-minute-lesson we play and do exercise using English nursery rhymes and games.

Each song has its own choreography. Therefore, with the help of senso-motoric stimuli children easily  can memorize the lyrics and the expressions included.

The lessons start with some warm-up exercises; we warm up all our body parts and move a little bit.

The dynamic parts of the lessons are always followed by a more relaxing section. This is our Story Time, when we sit down and read original phonic stories together that help the children’s English language acquisition.

After that we do some exercises again; walking, jumping, playing with colours and numbers, pretending animals.

During the lessons we don’t do writing activities, but we move, dance, sing and laugh a lot in English.

Kids just love to Jump and have Fun! 😉

Sign up for our unique 12-week-long Jump&Fun „course” that contains:

  • a 12-week-long Jump&Fun pass,

  • the Cow takes a bow phonic storybook used during Story Time sections,

  • Mp3 audio materials of the stories for the parents and home usage.

Jump&Fun useful infos and places

Jump&Fun classes are created for kids between 3 and 6 years of age. The classes work without the parents so that the kids can have a better group cohesion and they pay more attention to their teacher.

What does your kid need for the lesson? Comfy clothes, inside shoes or non-slip socks, drink.

Please contact me for further details: ancsa@rhymetime.hu