Segédanyagok az Elephant song dalhoz

Elephants. I like elephants.
Elephants. I like elephants.
I like how they swing through trees…

Monkeys. I like monkeys.
I like how they swim in the ocean…

Fish. I like fish.
I like how they scratch at fleas
and sniff at trees and bark at the mailman…

Gotta like dogs.
Curled up on the windowsill purring, and chasing mice…

Cats. I like cats.
I like how they say, “Cock-a-doodle-doo!”

Roosters, I like roosters.
I like how they reach into beehives for the honey.

Bears. I like bears.
I like how they jump up high
to catch a fly and sit on a lilypad.

Gotta like frogs.
Running through a maze for some cheese…

Mice. I like mice.
I like how they say, “Hee haw! Hee haw!”

Donkeys. I like donkeys.
I like how they stomp through
the jungle with their big gray trunks…

Elephants. I like elephants.

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