Rhyme Time classes are special opportunities to meet local & expat moms with babies or toddlers who want to raise their kids in English as well! If you want to be a part of our great group where mom and child both find new friends, come and join us!

Our program is a good opportunity even for those mothers who are not familiar with English nursery rhymes and games but want to learn more about them. Songs and cuddling stimulate learning and children have a fun and active time with clapping, wriggling, tickling, jumping, and stamping!

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Even when sitting down, all the songs have actions to keep fingers and minds busy. During our fun, lively sessions we use traditional and modern English songs and nursery rhymes teaching a basic English vocabulary including numbers, colours, animals, body parts, movements, and more.

This way little ones learn actions even before they can sing or speak. Later the songs help early counting and remembering lyrics will help when they start nursery and school.

About Barbi

I started looking after children is 2004. I worked as a full time nanny with expat families living in Budapest from 2007. I spent every day in English, playing and singing songs for little ones. My first son, Félix, was born in 2011 and I decided to raise him bilingual! We have English play time every day  as well! He loves all the songs and funny games. Now having Ákos and Ádám, we have even more fun!

I started leading Rhyme Time groups with Ákos when he was 5 month old. After a year of 2-3 home groups, I started to lead 5-6 classes per week at different play houses in the city. Now I’m happy to introduce my new team that present all these classes for both Hungarian and expat moms, while I’m doing the same with baby nr. 3!

Practising and playing at home helps both of you to remember the words and actions you’ve learnt.

More information

Phone: call Barbi at +3670-611-4439

Email: ask Barbi at barbi@rhymetime.hu

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