Day #21

Reindeer footprints

Try this cute reindeer footprint activity.

Still missing some handmade presents or need an activity to relax your nerves? Try this cute reindeer footprint activity.

Your kids will love the brush tickling their soles. Why not join in the fun and have your sole painted too! All you need is brown paint, a brush, some water, black, red, green markers and some stickers for an extra outlook.

Paint their soles brown and watch them giggle. Aren’t they cute? Aren’t we working so hard for these giggles? So, take it easy now and tickle the whole family with this brush to get those giggles… yours too. Let the footprints dry and cut them out. Then draw the eyes, nose, mouth, ears antlers and some Xmas ornaments (if you wish) with the coloured markers.

Decorate the paper with some stickers if your kids are into stickers (ours are.) You can prepare postcards or ornaments from these cute reindeer.

Day #22

Easy Friday

Enjoy this video with Baby.

For this afternoon we wish you some happy moments watching this video!

Enjoy it with Baby, they might get some idea of the next days.

Try to stay happy and handle this week as easy as possible!