How to Use Your Activity Books (New ideas)

How to Connect Your Wipe-Clean To The Topic?

  1. This is the letter of Goat’s friend, Stoat. Try to trace all “S” shapes.
  2. What can you see here? Do you remember the story of the Snail?
  3. Do you prefer snail to stoat?
  4. These two animals are really different. Which one is slower/faster, bigger/smaller, furrier/slimier?

Big Book Of Things To Spot

  1. This fortress looks a little different from Goat’s castle, right?
  2. It looks like a market full of sacks. Can you spot all of them?
  3. What animals can you see around the fortress? Spot three different kinds!
  4. People around here eat samosas, do you know what that is? It is a fried or baked dish with a savoury filling, such as spiced potatoes, onions, peas or lentils. Can you find them?

About Me Sticker Book

Write Your Brand New Journal

Kids love everything that has something to do with them. Let’s make a brand new „About me” journal and use it during the challenge. You can use it to make them talk (about themselves) and also to note the big English steps during these 16 weeks.

Questions about me (answer them in your new journal and decorate with pics and drawings!)

  1. Your body can do all kinds of amazing things! Which of these can you do?
  2. I’m best at …
  3. I’m not so good at …
  4. I like to see beautiful animals, like…
  5. I don’t like the smell of…
  6. My favorite taste is…