How to Use Your Activity Books and Snap Cards

How to Connect Your Wipe-Clean To The Topic?

This is letter H for house and also, for helicopter! Hello starts with H, too. So does hole.

1. Draw over the pattern, then try to make some more L forms.
2. Do you think Mole would like to live in this house? How about you?
3. Can Mole drive a helicopter?
4. Is this monster scary for you? I’m so scared. Let’s send it away. Go away!

First Thousand Words Sticker Book

Mole really likes digging! Do you think he could dig up this street in the book? Let’s see what people do in the street.

  1. There are some kids in the yard of the school. Can you spot them and count them?
  2. Mole had a digger in the story. Can you spot some diggers and other vehicles in the street?
  3. Is the market on the left, or on the right? How many people can you see there?
  4. What animals can you find in the street? Can you see your favourite animal?
  5. Do you see any babies around?

And, Finally, Let’s Play Jungle Snap

Shuffle your Jungle Snap cards and deal them out!

  1. Let’s count the players and hand out the cards one by one.
  2. Put your pack of cards down, facing the table.
  3. Take your top card, flip it and put it in the middle, on the top of the pile.
  4. When you see two cards on each other that match, you need to say „Snap”.
  5. The fastest wins the whole pile.
  6. Put it under your previous pack and flip your top card, again.

This game is so exciting. You need to concentrate.

Wow, you’ve won a lot of cards. Let’s move on.

  1. Don’t give up, darling, you still can take the next pile.
  2. It ain’t over, till it’s over.
  3. Lulu said „Snap” first. Or, was it you, Livi? Let’s replay.
  4. Don’t cheat, please. You shouldn’t peep your card first.
  5. Stop covering the pile with your hands.