Practise the Alphabet With Your Jungle Snap

Take out 1 or 2 sets of cards from your Jungle Snap and try to memorize the words with a tricky alphabet activity.

  1. Let’s count the cards. How many are there in one set?
  2. Can you name the animals?
  3. Can you list them in alphabetical order? (From B to T.)
  4. Shall we work as a team or shall we race?
  5. I win.

Try a Writing Activity!

Wow. You did a good job! Now we will copy all the 13 words (or their first letters).

  1. Can you copy the words in alphabetical order?
  2. Can you copy the first letters as quick as you can?
  3. Where have you got lost?
  4. Which word is the most difficult? Why?
  5. Are you ready to sing the ABC song?