How to Use Your Activity Books and Snap Cards

How to Connect Your Wipe-Clean To The Topic?

Practise letter B! B is for bug and butterfly too! This is a straight and curly letter!

  1. Try to trace the shapes on the butterfly wings.
  2. Which butterfly do you like more?
  3. Can you add a few more B shapes?
  4. How about drawing some bugs too!
  5. Let’s name these butterflies! Can you find two names starting with B?

First Thousand Words Sticker Book

Can you find and bugs or rugs in the shop? Hopefully, not.

  1. Where can you find Bug’s teddy bear? Who is holding it?
  2. How many males/men/daddies are there in the shop? Which one is eating a chocolate bar?
  3. Can you name the vegetables and fruits on the shelves?
  4. Show me your favourite food. How about your favourite family?
  5. Who is like your mummy/daddy/brother/sister/granny/grandpa/you?

Improve Your Memory With Jungle Snap

Take 2 sets of cards from your Jungle Snap and try to memorize their position with the Memory activity.

  1. Let’s count the cards. How many pairs would you like to play with?
  2. Can you memorize the position of the animals?
  3. Is the Jaguar in the top/bottom left/right corner?
  4. Oh, you just missed the pair.
  5. You can grab the pair, now.

Let’s see whose card pack is higher!

Wow. You did a good job! Now let’s see who has more pairs!

  1. Can you count your pairs? And I’ll count mines.
  2. Which one of us is the winner do you think?
  3. Remember, you mustn’t flip more than 2 cards at the same time.
  4. Try not to mix the areas, so that you can remember the position of the cards easier.
  5. Congratulations, dear. It was my pleasure to play with you.