How to Use Your Activity Books (Module B)

How to Connect Your Wipe-Clean To The Topic?

  1. D is for Dinosaur. Can you trace this letter?
  2. Can you think of another letter that is similar to D?
  3. B, for Bug! What’s the difference between B and D?
  4. P, for pyjamas. Can you show me how to write it?
  5. Do you know anyone whose name starts with D, B or P?

Big Book Of Things To Spot

  1. Have you ever been to a museum?
  2. What is common in all the things there?
  3. Yes, that’s right! They’re all very old, come from long ago.
  4. Do you know the names of these things? Where can we find them in the book?
  5. Do you remember what Mole found? Let’ try to find some bones in this book too!

About Me Sticker Book

Write Your Brand New Journal

Questions about me (answer them in your new journal and decorate with pics and drawings!)

  1. What do I need? I can list ….
  2. What do I want? For example…
  3. I don’t need all the things I want.
  4. I’d choose the followings from the green bubbles: …
  5. I’m happy to have these ones from the red bubbles: …