How to Use Your Activity Books (Module B)

How to Connect Your Wipe-Clean To The Topic?

  1. Look at all these monsters jumping and bouncing around like Kangaroo!
  2. Trace their letter!
  3. Name their colors!
  4. Which one is similar to Kanga?
  5. Count their legs. Who has more or fewer ones than Kanga?
  6. What about the eyes?

Big Book Of Things To Spot

  1. Look at all these wild animals hanging and bouncing all about!
  2. Can you name the biggest of all?
  3. Who is the fastest?
  4. Which one is the slowest?
  5. Count all the brown ones!
  6. Spot the loud ones now!
  7. Which is similar here to Kanga? In what?

About Me Sticker Book

Write Your Brand New Journal

Questions about me (answer them in your new journal and decorate with pics and drawings!)

  1. I’m growing just like the little monkey in the story.
  2. What did I do last spring?
  3. What am I able to do now?
  4. Do I still use a potty?
  5. Can I eat by myself?
  6. When I was smaller, I used to like to eat…, but now my favorite food is…
  7. When I grow older, I’ll…