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Cinnamon Stick Christmas tree

Day #23 Cinnamon Stick Christmas tree We are crossing the finish line of Christmas in a tick! I am sure all of you are excited and cannot [...]

How to Make a Snow Globe?

Day #22 How to Make a Snow Globe? Today I am bringing you an exciting arts&crafts idea. I'll show you how you can make [...]

DIY Nativity Puppet Show

Day #21 Play the Nativity story! Today you will find a great printable in your advent window, thanks to Nagy Anikó Szilvia, who is an expert [...]

Super easy snowman craft and songs

Day #20 Super easy snowman craft and songs Get ready for some winter fun with this cute snowman craft and song.Materials you will need:white paper platescolourful [...]

Christmas Activity Game

Day #19 Play the Family Activity Christmas Edition I know, I know, you've got a lot to do. Please, remember that the most important for your [...]

Christmas Finger Family

Day #18 Christmas Finger Family Who can’t get enough of Finger Family? Let’s sing the Christmas Finger Family song with these cute little finger puppets! You [...]

Easy Xmas Postcards

Day #17 Easy Xmas Postcards For Your Beloved Ones It's time to make some magical postcards for your beloved ones. Enjoy this throwback video of [...]

Snow Play-dough

Day #16 Glittery and as white as snow Tik-tok, tik-tok, time is ticking. Only 8 days until Christmas! Are you ready to make Christmas presents with [...]

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