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DIY Nativity Puppet Show

Day #23 Play the Nativity story! Today you will find a great printable in your advent window, thanks to Nagy Anikó Szilvia, our lovely Jump&Fun teacher, [...]

DIY giant snowflake decoration

Day #22 DIY snowflake decorations If you want some really pretty snowflake decoration you might want to check out these ideas. Giant snowflake Supplies [...]

Christmas walk

Day #21 Christmas walk Sing this song when dressing up! We hope you are enjoying this winter weather and beside the indoor activities you [...]

DIY Sensory Christmas Tree

Day #20 DIY Sensory Christmas Tree Ready for the most christmassy toddler playdough ever? Here is an easy way to make playdough from scratch. You can [...]

Christmas around the world

Day #19 How do they celebrate Christmas around the world? All across the world, we celebrate the holidays in different ways. Some of us put up [...]

I’ve got the Joy

Day #18 A really joyful and happy song about Jesus with actions At Christmas, we get together, and many of us remember the Birth of Jesus Christ. This [...]

How to Make a Snow Globe?

Day #17 How to Make a Snow Globe? Attention busy moms! I have a craft for you that you can do from start [...]

Easy Xmas Postcards

Day #16 Easy Xmas Postcards It's time to make some magical postcards for your beloved ones. Enjoy this throwback video of Lulu, Livi and Ancsa [...]

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