Day #19

Secret Make-up Tips for Xmas Glam Look

Hate looking into the mirror?!

One of our fantastic Jump&Fun supporters, Kálmán-Szalai Szilvia, make-up artist, colour consultant AND mother of 2, teaches you how to do your own glam-look. You still have some days to practise the look till Christmas eve. Do not hesitate to give this wonderful look a try.

Family visits, festive selfies, charity parties, here we go!

No more „Oh, you look tired, are you still breastfeeding?!” type of questions, only „Wow. Motherhood has made you even more beautiful!” statements on the go!

And, here is a useful make-up vocabulary for word addicts:

  • To apply the foundation
  • Rich black gel liner
  • Sparkling glitter
  • Glam makeup look
  • Highlighter
  • Top of the cheekbone
  • Cool toned red lipstick
  • Angled liner brush
  • Cupid’s bow
  • Dark circles under the eye