Day #21

Christmas Treasure Hunt at Home

How to play a Christmas Treasure Hunt?

Our talented, humble and really creative Juhász Gyöngyvér, mother of 2, VIP mom from the beginnings, is sharing one of her heart melting treasure hunt ideas this weekend.

Your Christmas decorations are already up. That means you don’t need to purchase any new items, rearrange the rooms. All you have to do is to print out a bunch of holiday-themed item cards, hide them in your house and you’re good!

The cards are the clues, one leads the kids to the other. For example: you hide the picture of the candles somewhere, so the kids must find the candles. By the candles they have to find the next clue, for example the reindeer, that leads them to a real reindeer in your home (you don’t have to have a reindeer in the house, a plush toy or a drawing is fine :)). And so on.

The first clue can be put in the Advent calender or if you have an elf in the house, the elf can invite the kids for this game giving them the first clue (like it happened in our house).

The final clue will lead the children to the biiiiig treasure that can be anything you like: sweets, little toys, colouring pages that keep them busy while you are preparing. The reward is up to you.

It’s great fun, enjoy it! Check out the video of Panka and Áron seeking for the treasures, >>>download the pdf<<< that can help you prepare the clue-cards and off you go!