Day #23

Cardboard Christmas Tree for Kids

Need something to keep them from noticing the „real thing”?

Our super motivated, versatile and enthousiastic Belány Adrienn, mother of 2, VIP mom from almost the beginnings, is sharing one of her trickiest ideas this Christmas.

You cannot get enough of Christmas decorations! While you are preparing the Christmas tree or trying to find the presents you had hid weeks ago, why don’t you keep your kids busy with this lovely activity?

Make your own stuff or print out some ornaments from here and let your kids colour and decorate them.

Draw a big Christmas tree shape on a pine green cardboard (or cut and paint a piece of a cardboard box) and cut it out. Stick it onto the wall or door. The door is better, so that you can be sure that your kids are inside their rooms with closed door.

Put Bluetech or velcro on the back side of the ornaments and ask your kids decorate their Xmas tree while you are out busy.

If you use velcro, you have to stick the other side of it on the tree, of course. You can use felt pieces if you have a lot of time to prepare (ha-ha-ha) or if you have really enthusiastic older children who can work on their own.

And this is how Adri’s family have done it:

„I drew a christmas tree and cut it from cardboard and sticked it to the door. We made a christmas ornament every day with the girls and hung them up day by day. This way we’ve prepared for Xmas with arts & crafts.

Emma (almost 9) can do more difficult things while Adél makes simpler things. We use a lot of tools, ie. paper, cardboard, glue, glitter, ribbon, etc. so this project develops their chic. The girls like their Christmas tree so much, it is really fun.”

Ready, steady, go! And share the results with us!