Day #22

Best Vegan Meatloaf Recipe

Inviting picky vegetarian guest at Xmas? Impress them!

Meet the Regölyis and their Vegan Love!

Lilla and her family have joined our VIP Rhyme Time community this year and they are unstoppable. Did you know that they have been super busy with their vegan recipes and street food truck for almost ten years?! And yet, they are so young…

Lilla & Peter’s dedication to environment protection is more than impressive. They don’t deny that they love the taste of meat, yet, they don’t eat it! With their wicked spices and vegetable combos they can prepare exciting tastes and textures everybody is going to adore.

Try this simply magnificent recipe of vegan meatloaf and surprise everyone this Christmas. You still have time to buy the ingredients in any supermarkets.

The recipe you will find below:

Please, invite us for a slice!

Lulu already made up a little nursery rhyme while watching the cooking video:

Baa baa meatloaf, have you any food?
Yes sir, yes sir, three pans full
One for the onion and one for the thyme,
And one for the maple syrup in the rhyme. 😀

Interested in more vegan miracles? Check out Vegan Love’s Instagram Page.