Speaking Activities With Handouts

Bug In A Rug (Module B)

Click Here For Roleplay Cards!

  1. Print out everything you would need for roleplay.
  2. Practice the topic shopping or act out the story.
  3. Make some ‘Bug in a rug’ pancakes the way we did it in the video.
  4. While rolling the pancake, sing this new rhyme of ours:
    Roll roll roll your rug gently around your bug
    He drank his chocolate from his mug
    Now let’s roll the bug in the rug

Bug’n Roll (Module A)

Click Here For The Activity Cards!

  1. Print out the cards above and memorize them the way it is described in the previous infopacks. Ask your kid:
    Do you know these bugs in real life? Where are they? What do they do?

    • ants in the grass – march
    • bees around the flowers – buzz
    • fireflies at night – blink
    • caterpillars in the field – creep

    What’s a slug? – A snail with no shell (See the story). A real slug is yucky.
    What’s a butterfly? – The grown-up caterpillar
    (egg-baby, caterpillar-kid, cocoon-teenager, butterfly-grown-up/mommy/daddy)