How to Use Your Activity Books (Module B)

How to Connect Your Wipe-Clean To The Topic?

  1. Look at this Bee and the scary flower next to it! 
  2. Can you trace the dots?
  3. Are Bee and Bug similar in anything?
  4. Do you remember Bug’s letter?
  5. Do these two letters look the same?

Big Book Of Things To Spot

  1. Come and get to know Bug’s friends! Count the 7 moths!
  2. Look at these caterpillars! Are they longer or shorter than Bug?
  3. The bees are so cute, can you find all of them?
  4. The spiders don’t look so sleepy as Bug. How many can you spot?
  5. Who are the biggests in this garden? How many of them can you see?

About Me Sticker Book

Write Your Brand New Journal

Kids love everything that has something to do with them. Let’s make a brand new „About me” journal and use it during the challenge. You can use it to make them talk (about themselves) and also to note the big English steps during these 16 weeks.

Questions about me (answer them in your new journal and decorate with pics and drawings!)

  1. What am I really good at?
  2. Is Mommy also good at it?
  3. I think I’m not so good at…
  4. I could be better at…
  5. I wish I was better at..