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DIY Christmas lapbook

Day #14 DIY Christmas Lapbook with Toddlers Refresh or learn some Christmas vocabulary with the help of this Christmas lapbook and work on those fine-motor skills [...]

Luca’s Day – A Hungaricum

Day #13 Have you ever heard about Luca's pumpkin? According to Lucy’s day tradition on December 13 we remember Saint Lucy. Being bilingual does [...]

Christmas Action Cards

Day #10 Christmas Action Cards Let’s play Activity with the funny Christmas Action Cards! Click here for download! Can you do or copy [...]

Bookfairy’s Christmas Offer

Day #9 A Book Is a Gift You Can Open Again and Again If you’re still looking for something special to put under the Christmas tree, check [...]

Hide-and-seek Reindeer

Day #8 Hide-and-seek Reindeer Activity #1: Tickle Your Sole to Warm Up Your Soul Still missing some handmade presents or need an activity to [...]

Fun Santa Activities for Tonight

Day #6 Fun Santa Activities for Tonight Hurray, hurray, Santa has arrived today! 6th December is a special day for the Hungarian children. Santa Claus is [...]

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